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雅思考试IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由剑桥大学考试委员会外语考试部、英国文化协会及IDP教育集团共同管理,是一种针英语能力,为打算到使用英语的国家学习、工作或定居的人们设置的英语水平考试。
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section42018-03-19
Good morning and welcome to the University's Open Day and to our mini-lecture from the Sports Studies department.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section3(02)2018-03-19
I: What I thought was that we could do a large picture of a coke can and label it and then talk about the different parts. Look, I've done a rough picture here.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section3(01)2018-03-18
I: Hi, Dawn. D: Oh hi, Ilmar. I: I'm glad I've bumped into you. I've just found a great idea for the presentation we've got to do for Dr Banks next month.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section2(02)2018-03-18
You can also withdraw cash from a cashpoint machine with a cashcard. These are extremely useful as they enable you to withdraw cash from your account during the day or at night. Q18
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section2(01)2018-03-17
Thanks for turning up today, thanks for turning up toddy to this short talk I'm going to give on student banking. Many of you are unfamiliar with the way banks work in this country and today's talk should just give you a few starting points.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section1(03)2018-03-17
F: I thought you were never going to come back. M: Sorry! The canteen was absolutely packed and I had to wait for ages. Then when I got to the front of the queue they had hardly any food left. So I had to get you a slice of pizza. I'm sorry. Q11
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section1(02)2018-03-16
M = Male student C = Clerk F: Oh, hello. I'm here to register for the First Year Law course. C: I'll just have to fill out this form for our records. What's your name?
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit4 Section1(01)2018-03-16
F: Excuse me. Can you help me? I was looking for the Main Hall. M: Maybe I can, actually. I'm looking for the Main Hall, too. I think it's in the Example Administration building. Are you a new student?
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section4(02)2018-03-15
Good morning. Welcome to this talk on Space Management. And today I'm going to look particularly at space management in the supermarket.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section4(01)2018-03-15
Good morning. Welcome to this talk on Space Management. And today I'm going to look particularly at space management in the supermarket.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section32018-03-14
M = Mark S = Susan T: OK, everybody, good morning! It's Mark's turn to talk to us today so Mark, I'll ask you to get straight down to business.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section2(02)2018-03-14
Let's take a walk round the museum now. The first room we're coming to is the theatre. This room is used to screen videos of special interest and we also use it for lectures.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section2(01)2018-03-13
Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Maritime Museum. Now before we commence our tour I'd just like to tell you a little bit about the history of the museum.
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section1(02)2018-03-13
C: Good morning, can I help you? M: Yes, I was told to come over here to get a parking sticker. Is this the right place? C: Yes, it is. Are you a post graduate student?
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit3 Section1(01)2018-03-12
F: Oh, I always walk—I haven't got a car and anyway I live quite close. M: Do you know anything about parking rights on the campus? I was wondering whether students are allowed to park their cars on the campus or not?
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit1 Section 22018-03-12
The Prime Minister has promised to help the drought stricken farmers in the Example northern part of the country who haven't seen rain for nearly two years. And in
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit1 Section1(02)2018-03-11
W: Yes. P: What name is it? W: I'm Mary Prescott. P: Can you spell that? W: Yes, it's P-R E-S-C-O-T-T. Q6
剑桥雅思教材加配套听力第一册 Unit1 Section1(01)2018-03-11
P = Police Officer R: Good evening, City Police Station. Can I help you? W: Oh hello, I'd like to report a stolen briefcase, please. Example