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大学英语六级考试(又称CET-6,全称为“College English Test-6”)是由国家统一出题的,统一收费,统一组织考试,用来评定应试人英语能力的英语能力的全国性的考试,每年各举行两次。符合大学英语六级考试报名条件的人员包括:全日制普通高校专科、本科和研究生中的在校生;另外,本校已设六级考点,原则上不得跨校考试。大学英语六级考试是一项大规模标准化考试,这种考试属于尺度相关常模参照性考试(criterion-related norm-referenced test),即以教学大纲为考试的依据,但同时又反映考生总体的正态分布情况。
世界最低点面临死亡危机 约以巴三方联手拯救死海2014-11-12
Jordan, Israel, Palestinians join forces to save Dead Sea (2003) Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians are hoping that world leaders gathered on the shores of the Dead Sea this weekend will back their efforts to help save the lowest body of water on Earth.
Dogs likely originated in the Middle East, not Asia or Europe, according to a new genetic analysis by an international team of scientists led by UCLA biologists.
The air-cushioned vehicle 气垫船2014-11-11
The air-cushioned vehicle is not an airplane, since it does not have wings.It is neither a ship nor an automobile, since it travels clear of sea and land.
Cocoa Linked to Lower Risk of Disease The Dutch have a long history with chocolate.
Psychosocial stress could play a role in the etiology(病因学) of breast cancer aggressiveness, particularly among minority populations.
Scientists in Mainz and Aachen have discovered a new mechanism that controls egg cell fertility and that might have future therapeutic potential.
Rapidly, but expressively and with amazing ease, the guitarists fingers move over the strings on the neck of the instrument. His fingertips move up and down and a vibrato(颤音) resonates.
The Gilbert Island reefs in the Central Pacific were once home to two species of sharks not previously reported in historic records or contemporary studies.
Having discovered a dramatic increase of an easy-to-detect enzyme(酶) in the red blood cells of people with diabetes and prediabetes(前驱糖尿病) , Johns Hopkins scientists say the discovery could lead to a simple.
Most genes associated with psychiatric illnesses are expressed before birth in the developing human brain, a massive study headed by Yale University researchers discovered.
As any student whos had to study for multiple exams can tell you, trying to learn two different sets of facts one after another is challenging.
Britains gardeners have revealed one of their greatest pet hates - other peoples cats. Okay, theyre sadistic murderers - but is it fair that cats have been rated as being as detestable as rats in a poll of British gardeners?
A caesium(铯) fountain clock that keeps the United Kingdoms atomic time is now the most accurate long-term timekeeper in the world.
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco propose that treatments used on liver cancers beyond the established Milan criteria for liver transplantation may be appropriate for all patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC肝细胞癌) who are listed for transplantation.
New research has shown surface ice melt will be the dominant process controlling ice-loss from Greenland. As outlet glaciers retreat inland the other process, iceberg production, remains important but will not grow as rapidly.
教育推动经济发展 而非生育率2014-11-04
A new study published in the journal Demography shows that improvements in education levels around the world have been key drivers of economic growth in developing countries that has previously been attributed to declines in fertility rates.
The girl is striking in face and figure.
Chinese researchers have successfully built an electromagnetic(电磁的) absorbing(吸引人的) device for microwave frequencies.
From teachers to hairdressers, people who stand on their feet all day will tell you that the flooring beneath them can be the difference between a good day and a bad one.
We normally think of pollinators传粉者 as providing a valuable service to plants, and they certainly do. In exchange for作为的交换 nectar花蜜,甘露.
Whether we choose to accept or fight it, the fact is that we will all age, but will we do so successfully?
基因专利阻止了竞争 延缓了创新2014-11-01
Exclusive(排外的,专一的) licenses to gene patents, most of which are held by academic institutions and based on taxpayer-funded research.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins have devised a way to detect whether cells previously transplanted into a living animal are alive or dead.
If the proven long-term benefits of smoking cessation are not enough to motivate young adults to stop smoking.
Neurodegenerative(神经变性的) diseases such as Alzheimers could be better understood thanks to insight into proteins linked to such conditions, a study suggests.
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