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英语四级高分必备500关键句 第193期:攻克阅读(193)2017-02-02
193.Find out what you are worth on the open market.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第192期:攻克阅读(192)2017-02-01
192.I guess they thought me content to stay in the cubicles since I did not voice my opinion either way.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第191期:攻克阅读(191)2017-02-01
191.Men tend to ask for more, and they get more, and this holds true with other resources, not just pay increases.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第190期:攻克阅读(190)2017-01-31
190. One thing,however,is certain:your chances of getting the ralse you feel you deserve are less if you dont at least ask for it.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第189期:攻克阅读(189)2017-01-31
189.It is easier to negotiate initial salary requirement because once you are inside,the organizational constraints influence wage increases.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第188期:攻克阅读(188)2017-01-30
188. It will help you cope with your own anxieties and provide a good model for your kids.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第187期:攻克阅读(187)2017-01-30
187.The report cites two main causes:increasing physical isolation-brought on by high divorce rates and less involvement in community
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第186期:攻克阅读(186)2017-01-29
186. Im usuafly fairly skeptical about any research that concludes that people are either happier or unhappier or more or less certain of themselrres than they were 50 years ago.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第185期:攻克阅读(185)2017-01-29
185.The following are some of the things that those who would qualify for membership in the sportsmanship fraternity will do.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第184期:攻克阅读(184)2017-01-28
184.Not everyone who picks up a fishing rod or goes out with a gun is a sportsman.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第183期:攻克阅读(183)2017-01-28
183.They value quiet forests,clear streams and abundant wlldlife.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第182期:攻克阅读(182)2017-01-27
182.Operating out of a century-odd schoolhouse in the village of Long Pond,Pennsylvania,the conservancys Bud Cook is working with local people and business leaders to balance economic growth with environmental protection.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第181期:攻克阅读(181)2017-01-27
181.The ISO labeling standards ban vague or misleading claims on product packaging,because terms such as environmentally friendly and non-polluting cannot be verified.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第180期:攻克阅读(180)2017-01-26
180.Many products had specially-designed labels to make them seem environmentally friendly, but in fact many of these symboEs mean nothing.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第179期:攻克阅读(179)2017-01-26
179.In the heat of battle, players have been observed to throw themselves across the court without considering the consequences that such a move might have on anyone in their way.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第178期:攻克阅读(178)2017-01-25
178.The player proceeded to rub his gloves across his wet T-shirt and then exclaimed,Are they wet enough now?
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第177期:攻克阅读(177)2017-01-25
177.And consumers would wait up to a decade to gain any benefits,because drilling could begin only after much bargaining over leases,environmental permits and regulatory review.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第176期:攻克阅读(176)2017-01-24
176.But no one knows for sure how much crude oil lies buried beneath the frozen earth.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第175期:攻克阅读(175)2017-01-24
175.Most people can tolerate these pressures pretty easily, but passengers with heart disease may experience chest pains as a result of the reduced amount of oxygen flowing through their blood.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第174期:攻克阅读(174)2017-01-23
174.A three-year-old might need help in understanding that other children feel pain just as he does,and that hitting a playmate over the head with a heavy toy requires an apology.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第173期:攻克阅读(173)2017-01-23
173.Parents who wish to teach their children to apologize should see it as a sign of strength,and therefore not resort to these pseudo-apologies.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第172期:攻克阅读(172)2017-01-22
172.If you want to teach your children how to say sorry, you must be good at saying it yourself, especiaiiy to your own children.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第171期:攻克阅读(171)2017-01-22
171.Then there is the general,all-covering apology, which avoids the necessity of identifying a specific act that was particularly hurtful or insulting
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第170期:攻克阅读(170)2017-01-21
170.In a 2001 study of 158 hospital nurses,those who faced considerable work demands bud coped with the challenge were more likely to say they were in good health than those who felt they couldnt get the job done.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第169期:攻克阅读(169)2017-01-21
169.Humans should not try to avoid stress any more than they would shun food,dove or exercise.