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英语四级高分必备500关键句 第218期:攻克阅读(218)2017-02-14
218.When next years crop of high-school graduates arrive at Oxford University in the fall of 2009,theyll be joined by a new face
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第217期:攻克阅读(217)2017-02-14
217.But for many African-American women like me,just a little of her poise,confidence and intelligence will go a long way in changing an image thats been around for far too long.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第216期:攻克阅读(216)2017-02-13
216.Before she ever gets the chance to commit to a cause,charity or foundation as First Lady,her most urgent and perhaps most complicated duty may be simply to be herself.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第215期:攻克阅读(215)2017-02-13
215.Even in the world of make-believe,black women still cant escape the stereotype of being eye-rolling,oversexed females raised by our never-married,alcoholic mothers.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第214期:攻克阅读(214)2017-02-12
214.But selfishly, Im more fascinated by Michelle Obama and what she might be able to do, not just for this country, but for me as an African-American woman.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第213期:攻克阅读(213)2017-02-12
213.Communication through print, as a matter of fact, allows for a great dead of control over the social information to which children have access.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第212期:攻克阅读(212)2017-02-11
212.Television passes information,and indiscriminately,to all viewers alike, be they children or adults.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第211期:攻克阅读(211)2017-02-11
211.About six years ago I was eating lunch in a restaurant in New York City vrrhen a woman and a young boy sat down at the next table
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第210期:攻克阅读(210)2017-02-10
210.A liberal-arts degree coupled with an MBA or some other technical training is a very good combination in the marketplace.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第209期:攻克阅读(209)2017-02-10
209.Although companies tend to take on specialists, they often seek out generalists for middle and upper-level management.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第208期:攻克阅读(208)2017-02-09
208.With the worlds population estimated to grow from six to nine billion lay 2050
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第207期:攻克阅读(207)2017-02-09
207.But in the long run,too much specialization doesnt pay off.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第206期:攻克阅读(206)2017-02-08
206.About half of the states now have some sort of graduated licensing system in place, but only 10 of those states have restrictions on passengers.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第205期:攻克阅读(205)2017-02-08
205.The basic issue,he says,is that adults who are responsible for issuing licenses fail to recognize how comples and skilled a task driving is.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第204期:攻克阅读(204)2017-02-07
204. By contrast, the risk of death for drivers between 30 and 59 decreases with each additional passenger.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第203期:攻克阅读(203)2017-02-07
203. Indeed,a 16-year-old driver with three or more passengers is three times as likely to have a fataf accident as a teenager driving alone.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第202期:攻克阅读(202)2017-02-06
202.It doesnt spell out what kind of arms.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第201期:攻克阅读(201)2017-02-06
201.For the Princess,the trip to this war-torn country was an excellent opportunity to use her popularity to show the world how much destruction and suffering landmines can cause.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第200期:攻克阅读(200)2017-02-05
200.To make maters worse for the government, it soon emerged that the Princesss trip had been approved by the Foreign Office
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第199期:攻克阅读(199)2017-02-05
199. Some people, they say, have an idealistic vision of work and what it fakes to succeed.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第198期:攻克阅读(198)2017-02-04
198. But if two or three candidates are up for a promotion,each of whom has reasonably similar ability, a manager is going to promote the person he or she likes best.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第197期:攻克阅读(197)2017-02-04
197.He wondered:might deaf people actually have a genuine language? And could that language be unlike any other on earth?
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第196期:攻克阅读(196)2017-02-03
196.Some companies now offer etiquette seminars for employees who may be competent professionally but clueless socially.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第195期:攻克阅读(195)2017-02-03
195.Although a strong pound and weak markets in Asia play a role in the downsizing,the layoffs in Stoke have their roots in earthshaking social shifts.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第194期:攻克阅读(194)2017-02-02
194.Their tables will be set with the good dishes and silver, and the dress code will be Sunday-best.