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英语四级高分必备500关键句 第289期:攻克阅读(289)2017-03-31
289. So what your association is backing is a program which would allow the middle and upper classes to acquire a bomb while poor people will be left defenseless with just handguns.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第288期:攻克阅读(288)2017-03-30
288. It wasnt until I attended a diversify workshop that I realized the person we passed over was the perfect person, Tiffany confesses.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第287期:攻克阅读(287)2017-03-30
287. Privacy economist Alessandro Acquisti has run a series of tests that repeal people will surrender personal information like Social Security numbers just to get their hands on a pitiful 50-cents-off coupon.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第286期:攻克阅读(286)2017-03-29
286.We will argue over it and may even, as a nation, make some fairly solemn-sounding commitments to avoid it.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第285期:攻克阅读(285)2017-03-29
285.Internet advertising will play a more prominent role in organizations advertising in the near future.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第284期:攻克阅读(284)2017-03-28
284. The Centers for Disease Control, for example, found that less than one-fourth of overweight adults who were trying to shed pounds said they were combining exercise with their diet.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第283期:攻克阅读(283)2017-03-28
283.The dominant lead ratio found in Greenland snow matched that found in gasoline from the United States.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第282期:攻克阅读(282)2017-03-27
282.Unfortunately, that message has not gotten through to the average American, who would rather try switching to light beer and low-calorie bread than increase physical exertion.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第281期:攻克阅读(281)2017-03-27
281.Some Japanese parents believe that if their young children attend a university-based program, it will increase the childrens chances of eventually being admitted to toprated schools and universities.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第280期:攻克阅读(280)2017-03-24
280.In most Japanese preschools, surprisingly little emphasis is put on academic instruction.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第279期:攻克阅读(279)2017-03-24
279.There is no cure for either illness, but the flu can be prevented by the flu vaccine, which is, for most people, the best way to fight the flu, according to the ALA.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第293期:攻克阅读(293)2017-03-23
293. The days when a kid came home from school and said, I got into trouble, and dad said, You probably deserved it, are over.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第292期:攻克阅读(292)2017-03-23
292. Most designers with existing labels are finding there arent comparable fabrics that can just replace what youre doing and what your customers are used to.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第278期:攻克阅读(278)2017-03-22
278.Scratchy throats, stuffy noses and body aches all spell misery, but being able to tell if the cause is a cold or flu may make a difference in how long the misery lasts.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第277期:攻克阅读(277)2017-03-22
277. While theres no question that continuous stress is harmful, several studies suggest that challenging situations in which youre able to rise to the occasion can be good for you.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第276期:攻克阅读(276)2017-03-21
276.A startling finding of the research is that the absent-minded activity is a hazard of doing things in which we are skilled.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第275期:攻克阅读(275)2017-03-21
275.Its strategy rests on two beliefs: first a global product offers economies of scale with which local brands cannot compete.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第274期:攻克阅读(274)2017-03-20
274.Frito-Lay is the biggest snack maker in America, owned by PepsiCo, and accounts for over half of the parent companys $3 billion annual profits.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第273期:攻克阅读(273)2017-03-20
273.It helps people keep up to date on world events, find a restaurant in Oregon or a cheap ftight to Paris, play games, and discuss everything from apples to zoology.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第272期:攻克阅读(272)2017-03-19
272. The lnternet was comceived in the 1960s as a tool to link university and government research centers via a nationwide network that would allow a wide variety of computers to exchange information and share resources.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第271期:攻克阅读(271)2017-03-19
271. Decisions are made as to which information should remain in long-term memory.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第270期:攻克阅读(270)2017-03-18
270. The more often the memory is recalled afterwards, the more likely it is that permanent finks develop between the nerve cells--and the pattern will be shored as a long term memory.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第269期:攻克阅读(269)2017-03-18
269.For that reason they took a thorough approach, and for five years they subjected Price to batteries of neuropsychological tests,
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第268期:攻克阅读(268)2017-03-17
268. Therefore, I believe it is time we elevated(提升) the game to the level where it belongs, thereby setting an example to the rest of the sporting world.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第267期:攻克阅读(267)2017-03-17
267.But in many other homes, this china-and-silver elegance has given way to a stoneware-and-stainless informality, with dresses assuming an equally casual-Friday look.