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343. Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go further.
342. Children in low-income families and poor communities are less likely to take organized youth sports for granted because they often lack the resources needed to pay for participation fees, equipment
341. This is what you should bear in mind: Dont count on a salary increase before you actually get it.
340. Norman Davis will be remembered by many with affection not only as a great scholar but also as a most delightful and faithful friend.
339. Can you give me even the slightest clue as to where her son might be?
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第338期:完型语法(338)2017-08-23
338.Playing organized sports is such a common experience in the United States that many children and teenagers take them for granted.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第337期:完型语法(337)2017-08-23
337. I know youve got a smooth tongue, so dont talk me into buying it.
336. A word processor is much better than a typewriter in that it enables you to enter and edit your text more easily.
335. Thanks to more recent legislation, flights with at feast one attendant are starting to install emergency medical kits to treat heart attacks.
334. I wondered what I would do if confronted with a real midair medical emergency without access to a hospital staff and the usual emergency equipment.
333. Most laboratory and field studies of human behavior involve taking a situational photograph at a given time and in a given place.
332. John cannot afford to go to university, not to speak of going abroad.
331.Theres the living room still to be decorated,so thats my next project.
330.In view of recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical.
329. Being ignorant of the law is not accepted as an excuse for breaking the law.
328.They will take a call from a persistent parent, even if theyre loaded with works.
327. The bank reused to loan him any money, so he had to postpone buying a house.
326. The chairman was blamed for letting his secretary take on too much work last week.
325.The nations population continues to rise at the rate of 12 million people per year.
324.The victim would have had the chance to survive if he had been taken to hospital in time.
323.Since my childhood I have found that nothing is more appealing to me than reading.
322.Specialists in intercultural studies say that it is not easy to adapt to lives in different cultures.
321.Indeed, we are not aware of most aspects of our speech and understanding.
320.Nothing defines humans so much as our ability to communicate abstract thoughts--whether about the universe, the mind, love, dreams, or ordering a drink.
319. The key lies in the fact that the units of meaning, words, can be strung together in different ways, according to rules, to communicate different meanings.
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