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362. There is no solid evidence that people can control their dreams, at least in experimental situations in a lab.
361. When I go out in the evening I use the bike rather than the car if I can.
360. Many a player who had been highly thought of has disappeared from the tennis scene.
359. This belief that the social environment influenced a persons overall development was very encouraging to people interested in progress and reform in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.
358.Much as I admire David as a poet, I do not like him as a man.
357. He was such a dynamic speaker that he held our attention every minute of the three-hour lecture.
356.The test results are beyond dispute; they have been repeated in labs all over the world.
355. Doctors warned against chewing tobacco as a substitute for smoking.
352. It entities you to at least 50% off the regular price of either frames or lenses when you buy both.
351. The lecture which!asfied about three hours was so tedious that the audience couldnt help yawning.
350. In order to make things convenient for the people, the department is planning to set up some mobile shops in the residential area.
349. I went along thinking of nothing in particular, only looking at things around me.
348. Now that spring is here, you can put away these fur coats till you need them again next winter.
347. She keeps a supply of candles in the house in case of power failure.
346. Joe is not good at sports, but when it comes to mathematics, he is the best in the class.
345. They believed strongly that democracy depended on responsibilily and that a growing capetalist economy depended on the productivity of workers.
344. If you keep your home, your car or any valuable possession in excellent condition, youll be saving money in the long run.
343. Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go further.
342. Children in low-income families and poor communities are less likely to take organized youth sports for granted because they often lack the resources needed to pay for participation fees, equipment
341. This is what you should bear in mind: Dont count on a salary increase before you actually get it.
340. Norman Davis will be remembered by many with affection not only as a great scholar but also as a most delightful and faithful friend.
339. Can you give me even the slightest clue as to where her son might be?
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第338期:完型语法(338)2017-08-23
338.Playing organized sports is such a common experience in the United States that many children and teenagers take them for granted.
英语四级高分必备500关键句 第337期:完型语法(337)2017-08-23
337. I know youve got a smooth tongue, so dont talk me into buying it.
336. A word processor is much better than a typewriter in that it enables you to enter and edit your text more easily.
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