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397. I have no doubt that virtually all of these people were taught in school that the earth revolves around the sun; they may even have written it on a best.
396. More than forty thousand readers told us what they looked for in close friendships, what they expected of friends, what they were willing to give in return, and how satisfied they were with the quality of their friendships.
395. Alarmed by this state of decay, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) launched a comprehensive study of the market in 2006.
394. But experts say Japan is unique in that sales have been decreasing steadily over time.
393. Mother tried to say something in English but it came out all wrong and we all burst into laughter and decided to forget it!
392. A language is a signaling system which operates with symbolic vocal sounds, and which is used by a group of people for the purpose of communication.
391. Though youve got to get them to do it, by helping too much, or even examining answers too carefully, you may keep them from doing it by themselves.
390. One morning you wave goodbye, and that very evening youre burning the late-night oil in sympathy.
389. People need opportunities to make a midlife review to adjust to the later stages of employed life, and to plan for the transition to retirement, which may now happen unpredictably at any point from 50 to over 90, says McNair.
388. The good news is that there is growing agreement on what is wrong with the teaching of history and what needs to be done to fix it.
387. The cost of the electricity plus the cost of your time could well make your hairdryer the most expensive one of all.
386. If you are buying a hairdryer, you might think you are making the best buy if you choose one whose look you like and which is also the cheapest in price.
385. The way you go about purchasing an article or a service can actually save you money or can add up the cost.
384. This is why the number of signals that an animal can make is very limited: the great tit(山雀)is a case in point; it has about twenty different calls, whereas in human language the number of possible utterances is limitless.
383. Other animals, it is true, communicate with one another by means of cries: for example, many birds utter warning calls at the approach of danger;
382. Lets look at this definition in more detail because it is language, more than anything else, that distinguishes man from the rest of the animal world.
381. For starters, cabin pressures at high altitudes are set at roughly what they would be if you lived at 5000 to 8000 feet abase sea level.
380. But the accident made me quite curious about how often this kind of thing happens.
379. As sleep-deprived people ourselves, we started thinking of what to do about it, says Eric Shashoua, a recent college graduate and now chief executive officer of Axon Sleep Research Laboratories, a company created by the students to develop their idea.
378. As you sleep you pass through a sequence of sleep states-light sleep, deep sleep and REM(rapid eye movement) sleep -- that repeats approximately every 90 minutes.
377. Language is a means of communication, but it is much more than that.
376. Aid workers estimate that it will take years to rebuild what the earthquake took away.
375. But most will be returning to nothing but heaps of ruins.
374. They are looking forward to the clean water of their rivers, officials say.
373. Families of as many as 10 people have had to shelter under a single tent and share cookstoves and bathing facilities with neighbors.
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