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The struggling Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry made a sharp detour from its history on Tuesday with the announcement that it was discontinuing the last phone to have the company’s iconic physical keyboard and trackpad.
里约奥运会拟发放45万个避孕套 超伦敦3倍2016-11-01
About 450,000 condoms will be distributed during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, three times more than for the London Games four years ago, the International Olympic Committee says.
When Parisians learned last week that President Fran? ois Hollande paid his hairdresser more than $10,000 a month to cut his hair, a howl was heard from Montmartre to the Marais. Not since President Bill Clinton shut down two runways in 1993 for a $200 trim aboard Air Force One have the tresses of a head of state been so widely discussed. But as men’s upkeep has gone the way of female grooming Botox, facials and waxing, you know, down there so, too, has the high price of a haircut.
One is the suave servant of Her Majesty’s government. The other is a brute assassin, the rogue employee of a now defunct agency of the FBI.
The quaint timbered houses of the German town of Celle recall the center of Britain’s most picturesque towns and villages. What is less obvious to the naked eye is that Celle is an ancestral home of Britain’s royal family, the House of Windsor.
日本研发出“微笑”洋葱 让你切洋葱时不再流泪2016-10-31
Onions may be one of the healthiest, most flavorful vegetables on the face of the Earth, but they’re definitely no fun to chop. However, your days of getting teary-eyed in the kitchen may be coming to an end as Japanese company House Foods Group prepares to launch the world’s first tear-free onion to the market.
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Recep Tayyip Erdogan has emerged from the attempt to topple him with his grip on power apparently unassailable. A week on from the failed coup, Turkey’s president has assumed emergency powers that will allow him to rule by edict; while some 60,000 people have been detained or suspended in a continuing purge of the public sector. For the moment Mr Erdogan commands public support, both from the devotion of Justice and Development party (AKP) loyalists and the qualified backing of those who dislike him, but condemn the coup and fear the country’s descent into civil war.
An appeals court on Thursday upheld the ban on Russia’s track and field team from the Rio Olympics, empowering sports organizations to discipline other Russian teams after revelations of a government-run doping scheme.
Japan’s Emperor Akihito signalled his intention to abdicate on Monday in a rare televised message, expressing concerns about fulfilling his duties due to declining health.
FTSE 100 chief executives’ pay rose by a tenth last year to an average of £5.5m, according to a survey that will bolster demands by Theresa May, the UK prime minister, for top British companies to curb excess in the boardroom.
We live in an age where if we're unsure of a fact, we can just Google it.
Uber is about to launch a bold experiment in New York. No, ,this is not another flashy app or gazillion-dollar round of fundraising. Instead, the ride-hailing company service has told its 35,000 drivers in the city that they can form an Independent Drivers Guild to promote collective dialogue and limited worker protections.
Of all the things connected to Donald J. Trump, few have given him more mileage than his fleet of aircraft.
Fosun Group? remains committed to its global buying spree despite concerns that its earmarking of $6bn in assets for disposal signals a retreat from overseas investment, according to people who have advised the Chinese conglomerate.
The Russian and Turkish presidents vowed to restore their friendship yesterday, ending an eight-month stand-off over the Syrian conflict as economic pressures and the failed Turkey coup drive the two regional powers together.
When Brazilian police arrested 12 men last month on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack during the Olympic Games, the country reacted in the only way it knew how: by cracking jokes on Twitter.
特雷莎·梅将重组内阁 近半数成员或为女性2016-10-29
Theresa May will promote women into some of the most senior positions in her Government on Wednesday after becoming the second female Prime Minister in Britain’s history.
MIAMI Behind a locked door aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship is a world most of the vessel’s 4,200 passengers will never see. And that is exactly the point.
Japan's Emperor Akihito has strongly indicated he wants to step down, saying he fears his age will make it difficult to fulfill his duties.
Hillary Clinton sought to press home her polling advantage over Donald Trump’s misfiring campaign on Thursday by pledging to take a tougher line in trade disputes with countries like China and accusing him of offering tax handouts to millionaire and billionaire allies.
Dubai International Airport, one of the world’s busiest, was forced to suspend operations for nearly six hours yesterday after an? Emirates? passenger jet crash-landed and burst into flames in an incident that killed a firefighter.
In his State of the Union address in January 2006, President George W Bush warned of the dangers of being addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world. Ten years on, the world is showing how hard it is to break that habit.
Readers beware: This article contains strong language.
Issues of inequality, fairness, middle-class living standards and job creation have been central to the US presidential campaign.