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  1. 2018-03-17CRI在线收听:AI a new growth driver to China's manufacturing capacity: NPC deputy
  2. 2018-03-17CRI在线收听:Fair and quality education for every child: education minister
  3. 2018-03-16CRI在线收听:China's top political advisory body concludes annual session
  4. 2018-03-15CRI在线收听:Trump Sacks Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
  5. 2018-03-13CRI在线收听:China doesn't want trade war with US: commerce minister
  6. 2018-03-13CRI在线收听:'Floating Rock' from China shines at seaside sculpture festival in Australia
  7. 2018-03-13CRI在线收听:Teachers should be classified as civil servants: NPC deputy
  8. 2018-03-11CRI在线收听:China to promote delivery of technological innovation
  9. 2018-03-10CRI在线收听:Chinese leaders underline rural vitalization, high-quality development
  10. 2018-03-10CRI在线收听:Digital currency will go through tests before issuance: PBOC Governor
  11. 2018-03-08CRI在线收听:Yang Jia: The visually impaired deserves equal access to cinemas
  12. 2018-03-07CRI在线收听:Employers urged to be flexible towards female workers
  13. 2018-03-07CRI在线收听:China endeavoring to push the healthcare reform: NPC deputies
  14. 2018-03-06CRI在线收听:NPC spokesman defends Belt and Road Initiative
  15. 2018-03-052018年02月CRI英语听力音频打包下载
  16. 2018-03-05CRI在线收听:Russia develops new strategic weapons to counter U.S. challenges: Putin
  17. 2018-03-05CRI在线收听:Comic books on the verge of fadeout: children's book author
  18. 2018-03-05CRI在线收听:CPPCC will redouble efforts to support reform and opening up
  19. 2018-03-02CRI在线收听:China, U.S. should upgrade bilateral economic cooperation: scholars
  20. 2018-03-02CRI在线收听:Zimbabwean orphans enjoy Chinese Spring Festival celebrations at Chinese embassy
  21. 2018-03-02CRI在线收听:Chinese food documentary booms hand-made iron pans industry
  22. 2018-03-01CRI在线收听:China moves on trial reform of IPR cases
  23. 2018-02-28CRI在线收听:U.N. chief urges Syria truce resolution to be implemented immediately
  24. 2018-02-25CRI在线收听:China makes skeleton debut at Winter Olympics
  25. 2018-02-25CRI在线收听:Hainan travel chaos: Is it time to build the cross-strait subsea tunnel?
  26. 2018-02-25CRI在线收听:Terrorist suspect Akilov admits what he did in Stockholm
  27. 2018-02-25CRI在线收听:Wu Dajing wins China's 1st gold, leads team to silver at Pyeongchang
  28. 2018-02-25CRI在线收听:Scientists seek to unravel secrets of 'superagers'
  29. 2018-02-25CRI在线收听:Chinese Farmers' Choir Joins New Year Celebrations in the UK
  30. 2017-03-042017年02月CRI英语听力音频打包下载
  31. 2017-02-25CRI在线收听:Discussion on corporate news of the week
  32. 2017-02-24CRI在线收听:Xi: Silk road an ancient bond for China, Italy
  33. 2017-02-24CRI在线收听:Israel expects cooperation in new areas with China: experts
  34. 2017-02-23CRI在线收听:Nuclear energy deals signed and trade promoted as French PM visits China
  35. 2017-02-23CRI在线收听:Regional integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei benefits residents through sharing of
  36. 2017-02-22CRI在线收听:Lang Lang to release a popular piano album through UMG
  37. 2017-02-22CRI在线收听:Children's Theatre to Adapt a Novel for Stage Drama
  38. 2017-02-19CRI在线收听:Chinese athletes ready for Asian Winter Games
  39. 2017-02-19CRI在线收听:International experts help Bagan to enlist as UNESCO World Heritage Site
  40. 2017-02-19CRI在线收听:CRI brings Chinese dramas and films to New Zealand TV
  41. 2017-02-15CRI在线收听:Australian expert: China helps to combat global organ trafficking
  42. 2017-02-14CRI在线收听:China trade helps German trade surplus soar to highest since WWII
  43. 2017-02-14CRI在线收听:China's top comedian's new film due for release on Valentine's Day
  44. 2017-02-11CRI在线收听:Chinese FM visits Australia and New Zealand, boost ties: scholar
  45. 2017-02-10CRI在线收听:China to welcome UK at Silk Road summit
  46. 2017-02-09CRI在线收听:China backs EU in fighting trade protectionism
  47. 2017-02-082017年01月CRI英语听力音频打包下载
  48. 2017-02-08CRI在线收听:UK ivory trade debate follows China's commitment to total ivory ban
  49. 2017-02-04CRI在线收听:Jiaozhou Bay's wetlands may continue to be a habitat for birds
  50. 2017-02-02CRI在线收听:Chinese teenager singer promotes quality education at ECOSOC Youth Forum
  51. 2017-02-02CRI在线收听:Holiday trips boost pet economy
  52. 2017-02-02CRI在线收听:Popular Chinese teenage singer promotes quality education at UN forum
  53. 2017-01-29CRI在线收听:Lunar New Year more than a celebration in China
  54. 2017-01-27CRI在线收听:Listen to our New Year messages: "Hi, this is Bob Jones from the UK."
  55. 2017-01-27CRI在线收听:Listen to our New Year messages: "Hi, this is Shane Bigham."
  56. 2017-01-27CRI在线收听:Listen to our New Year messages: ""Hi, this is Bridget Grace from New Zealand."
  57. 2017-01-26CRI在线收听:Sustainable Peace and Sustainable Development Mutually Reinforcing
  58. 2017-01-24CRI在线收听:China, Philippines agree to cooperate on 30 projects worth $3.7 bln
  59. 2017-01-23CRI在线收听:Attendees of World Economic Forum optimistic about Chinese economy
  60. 2017-01-22CRI在线收听:More cities see air-quality standards improved: environment official
  61. 2017-01-19CRI在线收听:President Xi's IOC trip to highlight sports diplomacy: expert
  62. 2017-01-19CRI在线收听:Chinese leader defends globalization in historic Davos speech
  63. 2017-01-18CRI在线收听:China registers one million domestic patents, issues new guidelines on IPR
  64. 2017-01-17CRI在线收听:Chinese president aims to send positive energy during Switzerland visit
  65. 2017-01-17CRI在线收听:China Swiss FTA brings benefits to Swiss small business
  66. 2017-01-16CRI在线收听:World Economic Forum to hear China's voice
  67. 2017-01-16CRI在线收听:Outgoing US ambassador reflects on time in China, calls for continued cooperation
  68. 2017-01-16CRI在线收听:Chinese president leaves for Switzerland visit
  69. 2017-01-15CRI在线收听:Chinese business chamber’s annual meeting eyes on better bilateral business ties
  70. 2017-01-15CRI在线收听:Chinese bank's branch in Switzerland helps promote bilateral trade
  71. 2017-01-14CRI在线收听:Beijing well prepared for Spring Festival travel rush
  72. 2017-01-11CRI在线收听:China faces chances and challenges in global anti-corruption cooperation
  73. 2017-01-11CRI在线收听:China and Switzerland see steady growth of bilateral tourism flow
  74. 2017-01-10CRI在线收听:Legal efforts underway in protecting Jiaozhou Bay from pollution
  75. 2017-01-10CRI在线收听:Zhao Zhongxian profile: Superconductor breakthrough will speed up changes
  76. 2017-01-10CRI在线收听:Alibaba aims to help 1 million American small businesses and farmers: Jack Ma
  77. 2017-01-10CRI在线收听:China tightens overseas anti-corruption measures
  78. 2017-01-09CRI在线收听:Acting mayor of Beijing vows to tackle haze
  79. 2017-01-09CRI在线收听:China to improve management of individuals' foreign exchange purchases
  80. 2017-01-09CRI在线收听:New UN Secretary-General outlines big challenges ahead
  81. 2017-01-09CRI在线收听:Beijing to pilot air purifiers in schools, kindergartens
  82. 2017-01-032016年12月CRI英语听力音频打包下载
  83. 2017-01-01CRI在线收听:习近平主席发表2017年新年贺词
  84. 2017-01-01CRI在线收听:Ban Ki-moon bids farewell to UN
  85. 2016-12-30CRI在线收听:China to further attract more foreign investment in 2017
  86. 2016-12-29CRI在线收听:Young artist performs to convey conception of rhythm in daily life
  87. 2016-12-29CRI在线收听:Artist Li Lei makes an operatic exhibition in Beijing
  88. 2016-12-29CRI在线收听:Chinese mainland to try best for peaceful cross-Straits reunification: spokesperson
  89. 2016-12-28CRI在线收听:Van Ness Wu Releases New Album
  90. 2016-12-28CRI在线收听:Protection of Jiaozhou Bay Emphasized in Qingdao
  91. 2016-12-27CRI在线收听:Trade promotes Chinese soft power and culture in Poland
  92. 2016-12-26CRI在线收听:Bridge to be constructed connecting China and Russia
  93. 2016-12-25CRI在线收听:Elemental Fusion: Spanish gemologist embraces jewelry designs with cultural implications
  94. 2016-12-25CRI在线收听:Russia-China ties beyond strategic partnership: Putin
  95. 2016-12-21CRI在线收听:All-star cast promotes their Upcoming Film See You Tomorrow in Beijing
  96. 2016-12-21CRI在线收听:Artist Xu Dongsheng's Painting Exhibition opens in Beijing
  97. 2016-12-20CRI在线收听:China home price growth slows with further curbs
  98. 2016-12-20CRI在线收听:Trump using Taiwan as bargaining tool: expert
  99. 2016-12-19CRI在线收听:Supply-side reform China's top task for 2017
  100. 2016-12-14CRI在线收听:China holds memorial ceremony for Nanjing Massacre