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英国广播公司British Broadcasting Corporation),简称BBC,BBC world news是英国的一家政府资助但却独立运作的媒体,长久以来一直被认为是全球最受尊敬的媒体之一。 在相当长的一段时间内BBC一直垄断着英国的电视、电台。在1955年独立电视台和1973年独立电台成立之前,BBC一直是全英国唯一的电视、电台广播公司。 今天BBC除了是一家在全球拥有高知名度的媒体,还提供其他各种服务,包括书籍出版、报刊、英语教学、交响乐团和互联网新闻服务。
Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC News. China has warned that the Trump administrations plan to raise import duties on a further two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese products
BBC Radio 4:Rev Dr Sam Wells 12/07/20182018-07-14
Good morning. Donald Trump’s first presidential visit to the UK begins today. He has many supporters. But if he looks out of his helicopter window, he’s going to see a lot of protests from those who take a dim view of his character and policies.
BBC News with Sue Montgomery. The British Prime Minister Theresa May has said she is appalled and shocked by the death of Dawn Sturgess, one of two people infected last week with the nerve agent Novi
BBC新闻[翻译]:特朗普提名高院法官候选人 英国脱欧分歧大2018-07-12
Hello, this is BBC News with Fiona MacDonald. President Trump has announced his nominee for the vacant seat on the US Supreme Court. He is Brett Kavanaugh, a 53-year-old conservative justice who serv
BBC新闻[翻译]:南苏丹政府欲与反对派共享权力 海地油价上涨40%2018-07-11
BBC News with Sue Montgomery. Mexicos new President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has announced the first stage of an ambitious plan to deal with his countrys escalating drug-related vi
BBC Radio 4:Rev Dr Rob Marshall 07/07/20182018-07-11
Just before 3pm this afternoon millions of people will watch Sweden play England for a place in a World Cup semi-final. It will almost certainly be the largest TV audience of the year so far.
BBC News with Sue Montgomery. The British Prime Minister Theresa May says her cabinet has agreed to collective position on future relations with the European Union after a marathon day of talks.
BBC新闻[翻译]:德国联盟政府或解体 缅甸罗兴亚族人遭屠杀2018-07-09
BBC News with Jerry Smit. After his landslide win in Mexico’s presidential election, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has pledged to bring about a profound change. The left winger said he wanted to ensur
BBC News with Justin Green. Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told the BBC that he suspected a group which supported the former first lady Grace Mugabe was behind the recent attempt on his
Hello, Im Debbie Russ with the BBC News. Canadas foreign minister says the country will not back down in the face of new US tariffs. She made her comments as Canada unveiled new tariffs on
Hello, Im Jerry Smit with the BBC News. Mexicans are preparing to vote in presidential, parliamentary and local elections after a campaign that has seen the worst violence for decades. Here
Hello, I'm Julie Candler with the BBC News. Dramatic footage has been released showing emaciated members of a Thai youth football team found alive inside a flooded cave network. The teenagers are
Hello, this is Kathy Clugston with the BBC News. The head of Polands Supreme Court Malgorzata Gersdorf has turned up for work in defiance of a new law, obliging judges to retire at her age sixty
BBC Radio 4:Bishop Richard Harries 06/07/20182018-07-08
Good morning. Not many sculptures become famous, but at least one in our time has, The Angel of the North.
BBC Radio 4:Rev Dr Sam Wells 05/07/20182018-07-07
The predicament of the twelve Thai boys trapped two miles into a cave in the rainy season is as gruesome in its horror as it is gripping in its drama. It’s breathtaking to imagine them after nine days marooned and in despair.
BBC Radio 4:Rev Lucy Winkett 03/07/20182018-07-06
The artist Salvador Dali had a way with spoons. If you’ve ever wondered how he came up with the surreal images he created, then an examination of his sleeping techniques may provide an answer.
BBC Radio 4:Rev Dr Rob Marshall 30/06/20182018-07-06
Good Morning . This weekend, in cathedrals across the country, bishops will be ordaining new priests and deacons to serve their parishes and communities. Vocations discerned over many years or, for some relatively recently, are publicly affirmed by the laying on of hands in the most poignant of services.
BBC Radio 4:Francis Campbell – 02/07/20182018-07-04
In Margaret Thatcher’s later life she often took a short break each May in Rome. She would regularly come to pray at the tomb of the late Pope John Paul II.
BBC新闻[翻译]:大火席卷加利福尼亚州莱克县 近3000人流离失所2018-07-02
BBC News with Jonathon Izard. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will implement his reform plans after winning Sundays elections. In a victory speech, he told his supporters he w
Hello,Im Neil Nunes with the BBC News. European Union leaders have reached an agreement on migration policy after nearly ten hours of talks at the summit in Brussels. The Italian Prime Minister
BBC news with Fiona McDonald. At the G7 summit in Quebec, President Trump has criticized Canada, the EU and France for charging what he called massive tariffs. The row over trade is becoming increasi
Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC News. Zimbabwes President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told the BBC he suspects a group which supported the former first lady Grace Mugabe was behind the recen
BBC Radio 4:Rev Dr Sam Wells 28/06/20182018-06-30
Good morning. Last September Thames Water found a 250-metre long fatberg blocking an East London sewer. Fatbergs form when household items (flushed down loos) congeal with grease and fat (washed down sinks).
Very little, its not mentioned. Most families keep their opinion to themselves anyway as such, you know. I suppose most urban people will probably vote yes. I think most rural people maybe will b
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