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该音频有LRC字幕 BBC新闻报道:英国拒绝公开关于对伊战争会议资料(2009-2-27)2009-04-02
BBC News with Roy Lamar.The British government says it's vetoing the publication of Cabinet minutes on the legality of the Iraq war. Last month, a Freedom of Information tribunal ordered the release
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-28)2009-04-02
BBC News with Jonathan Weekley.The United Nations Special Rapporteur for human rights, Phillip Alston, has accused the police in Kenya of being involved in widespread, continuing and systematic ext
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-25)2009-04-02
BBC News with David Legg.An explosion in a busy tourist district in the Egyptian capital Cairo has killed at least one person a French national and wounded more than 20 others including many foreigne
该音频有LRC字幕 BBC法国法院驳回停止拍卖圆明园文物诉讼(2009-2-26)2009-04-02
BBC News with David Austin.The United States Defence Department review of conditions at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp has recommended the detainees spend less time in isolation and be given more
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-24)2009-04-02
BBC News with Fiona McDonald.President Obama says American workers will see the benefit of his tax cuts as soon as April, given the typical family's 65 dollars a month more in their pay packets. The
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-22)2009-04-02
BBC News with Fiona McDonald.United Nations officials say that Palestinian Hamas movement which controls the Gaza Strip delivered a letter to the American Senator John Kerry while he was visiting t
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-23)2009-04-02
BBC News with Marian Marshall.The leader of Israel's right-wing Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, has asked the Kadima and Labor parties to discuss joining a broad coalition with him in the face of
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-19)2009-04-02
BBC News with Blerry Gogan.The United Nations in Sri Lanka says it's concerned by reports that a growing number of people trying to escape Tamil Tiger-held territory in the north have been shot at
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-20)2009-04-02
BBC News with Blerry Gogan.After prolonged negotiations and political wrangling, President Barack Obama has signed into law an economic stimulus package worth almost 800 billion dollars. He said th
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-21)2009-04-02
BBC News with Fiona McDonald.President Obama has announced a massive mortgage relief plan to try to prevent millions of American families losing their homes. The money, 275 billion dollars, is aime
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-18)2009-02-18
BBC News with Mary Small.Islamist militants fighting the Pakistani army in the Swat valley in northwestern Pakistan have declared a 10-day ceasefire. The move follows an agreement by the government
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-17)2009-02-17
BBC News with Jonathan Weekley.One of the world's leading experts on climate change says a Nobel Prize-winning panel of scientists seriously underestimated the reality of global warming when it pu
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-16)2009-02-16
BBC News with Cathy Clarkson.The American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States is determined to strengthen its partnerships and alliances in East Asia. Speaking about her tour
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-15)2009-02-15
The Director of National Intelligence in Washington, Dennis Blair, says the global economic crisis is the main immediate security concern for the United States. Admiral Blair gave his analysis in an annual assessment of the threats the United States believes it's facing. As Richard Lister reports from Washington.
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-14)2009-02-14
BBC News with Marian Marshall. Congressional negotiators in the United States have reached agreement on a bill to stimulate the American economy with almost 790 billion dollars. They hope to vote o
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-13)2009-02-13
BBC News with Jonathan Izzard. Votes are being counted in Israel's general election, a poll which could have a crucial effect on the Middle East peace process. Exit polls suggest that the centrali
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-12)2009-02-12
BBC News with Roy Lamar.President Obama has held his first public rally outside Washington since taking office. He used it to call on the US Congress to approve his 800-billion-dollar economic stim
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-11)2009-02-11
第 1 页:听力练习第 2 页:文本参考中文翻译 BBC News with Mary Small. President Obama's new envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, has given a stark assessment of the task facing the Uni
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-10)2009-02-10
BBC News with Jonathan Izzard. The US Vice-President Joe Biden has pledged a new tone in America's foreign policy. He told a security conference in Munich that America would do more for its allies
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-9)2009-02-09
BBC News with Michael Poles. President Barack Obama has described the latest unemployment figures in the United States as devastating. They show that nearly 600,000 jobs disappeared in January, boo
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-8)2009-02-08
BBC News with Blerry Gogan. President Barack Obama has issued a stark new warning on the United States economy, saying that it is getting sicker by the day. Mr. Obama said that if Congress failed t
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-7)2009-02-07
BBC News with David Austin.Two senior judges in Britain have made a scathing attack on the American authorities for putting pressure on them to withhold information about how a British resident cur
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-6)2009-02-06
BBC News with Marian Marshall.President Barack Obama’s nominee as the new US Secretary of Health, Tom Daschle, has withdrawn from the post because of problems with his taxes. On Friday, it was dis
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-5)2009-02-05
BBC News with Jonathan Izzard.The US Senate is debating President Obama's 800-billion-dollar economic stimulus plan. Speaking before the debate, President Obama predicted a difficult next few days
BBC News在线听力附文本(2009-2-4)2009-02-04
BBC News with Neil Nunes. An operation is under way in Colombia to release four hostages held by the left-wing FARC movement. Helicopters with Red Cross representatives on board flew to a prearrang