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你问我答:Where are you from? 你从哪儿来?2012-08-14
Im from Xian. Can you please tell me what to say if I met a person in another city who also comes from Xian? Whats the correct way of expressing the idea we are fellow townsmen and is there an adjective for this?
你问我答:The word 'possession' 单词详解2012-08-14
今天的《你问我答》节目回答 Peter 提出以上问题。首先是中文解释,然后是英语解释加大量例句。
你问我答:Women's hairstyles 女士发型2012-08-14
A few weeks ago you answered a question about mens hairstyles. But what do women ask for when they go to the barbers?
你问我答:Abbreviations 缩写2012-08-14
This word cause is used in many places. But I dont understand the meaning. For example: I come always late and stuff but when it comes to like work I tend to be quite organised cause its quite important.
你问我答:After work plans 下班后的计划2012-07-25
You may know one or two expressions already-which is good, but there are a few more expressions you may not have learned from your textbooks.
你问我答:Using the word 'cast' 一词多意2012-07-25
I dont know how to use the word cast as it has a lot of different meanings. Which ones are used most frequently
你问我答:Number Pronunciation 数字发音2012-07-25
I have a question about the pronunciation of English numbers, such as thirteen(13) and thirty(30), fourteen(14) and forty(40), fifteen(15)and fifty(50). How to pronounce the numbers that will make myself understand by others?
你问我答:Subjunctive mood 虚拟语气2012-07-25
Can you tell me something about subjunctive mood. I find it is hard for me to get it. Thanks!
你问我答:Fancy or want? “想”的两种表达方式2012-07-04
In English there are different ways of asking the simple question: do you want to ...?
你问我答:Prime minister or president? 首相还是总统?2012-07-04
I am confused about the title of leaders. For example, sometimes we call the top leader of a country president or prime minister. While sometimes I have heard chancellor or some other titles.
你问我答:Barber vocabulary 理发常用语2012-07-04
I found it hard to tell barbers what style Chinese guys want. They always make me a classical Western type of hair but not suitable for Chinese guys
你问我答:Chat-up lines 搭讪语2012-07-04
Could you teach me some pick-up lines then I can pick up some beautiful girls in bars or on the street?
你问我答:Road or way? 两个表示道路的名词2012-07-04
I found a sentence like this: We walked all the way to the museum. Could I use road instead of way? Also, do these words also have the meaning solution? For example, I took a long time to find a solution to the problem can I use way or road instead?
你问我答:Adverb position 副词使用方法2012-07-04
I have a question about the order of an adverb in a sentence: what is the difference between the sentence My family really isnt different from yours and the sentence My family isnt really different from yours?
你问我答:Tax and duty 免税商品2012-07-04
In this week's programme, Feifei is busy duty-free shopping at the airport while Rob explains the difference between paying tax and paying duty.
你问我答:How are you? 如何回答?2012-05-25
The question how are you? seems to be straightforward, but what is the correct way to answer?
你问我答:Bar, pub or club? 高档酒吧,传统酒吧还是夜总会?2012-05-25
Neil and Helen go on a mini tour of establishments in London to explain the difference between these three places. They also have a lot of fun in the process. Join them!
你问我答:Calm down 平静下来2012-05-20
When I meet some foreign friends, I do not know how to comfort them when they meet small troubles like being too busy to enjoy holidays, or they meet traffic jams. Can you please tell us something to say to them?
你问我答:In respect of 关于和涉及2012-05-20
When I was sitting for an examination, I read an instruction: No question in respect of the paper will be answered. I know every word but I dont understand the meaning of the whole sentence.
你问我答:Saying yes and no 怎么说是和不是2012-04-07
I heard that yes and no have different intonations. Could you please help me? I want to learn how to pronounce each intonation and their meanings.
你问我答:Link Verbs 系动词2012-04-05
How do I use link verbs like the verb to be. I mean when are they used before a real verb for example is it Italy shaped like a boot or Italy is shaped like a boot. Which one is right? I think both are.
你问我答:After You 你先请2012-04-04
What should we say when we want to express 你先请?In China, such situations arise very often. Could you help me? Thanks.
你问我答:The Key to... 关键是2012-04-04
There is a sentence The key to avoiding cancer is to have an overall healthy lifestyle. Can I say The key to avoid cancer is to have an overall healthy lifestyle.
你问我答:You're Welcome "不客气"的多种表达2012-03-31
For a lot of learners of English the most familiar phrase is "You're welcome". That is correct, you can use it for any occasion but it sounds a bit dry if you keep using the same expression.
你问我答:Elite 一词两意2012-03-31
I get confused about a phrase 'elite without being elitist'. Could you please explain that to me?
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