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第52课:Jason, A Cafe Visit2009-06-01
Now we're here with Jason who works at a cafe. And we're to talk to him about what he sees in the Cafe culture in American.
第51课:Lead Singer...2009-06-01
It's a band called Southern Culture on the Skids. SCOTS for short. And you're right. They mix many styles of music together to make their own original sound. Isn't it great?
第50课:50 Shannon...2009-05-26
Shannon: Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm currently studying acupuncture in the Washington DC metro area. And it's really different from anything else I've ever done before. And I love it.
第49课:Ann Bella2009-05-26
Can you believe it? That's why Ann turned to the dolphins. When she came back from swimming with Bella on the first trip, she immediately had - what she calls a medical miracle - a body scan.
第47课:Animal Lover2009-05-13
Heidi: My name is Heidi Holz and I love animals! They're just the most wonderful companions. They never ask anything of you. They love you unconditionally. When I come in the evening I know that nobody else in the world will ever be as happy to see me as my dog.
第45课:Small Town to Big2009-05-13
J: You know we have a saying, "The friends you make in college are the friends you have for life." And today we're going to meet Jennifer and Sharrin. They are roommates in my building. But after talking to them I found out just how unique their roommate relationship is.
第46课:Life After Peace...2009-05-13
J: Everyone wants excitement and adventure. But before you sign that contract, lets talk to our friends Jen & Sharrin. They were Peace Corps volunteers for one year in Cote dIvoire, West Africa.
第44课:School Plays2009-05-12
Lara: Its, I think fairly common, almost every junior high school and high school in the country has some sort of play or dramatic opportunity that kids can participate in.
第43课:Yemi, Musician Poet2009-05-12
Yemi: My full name is Yemi... and Im from Washington, D.C. I was born in 1976. I perform, I produce, and write songs under the name, stage name, Nfact which is N-f-a-c-t. If youd like more information you can visit my website at Nfactonline.com.
第42课:Graphic Design to...2009-05-04
J: Oh, no no. Theyre used to it. And I think they really enjoy it. Anyway, Liz and I we were talking the other day and I found out that she changed her job.
第41课:Day Of A Teenager2009-05-04
J: Calm down, calm down. Itll be okay. Besides we were all teenagers once. Do you remember when you became a teenager?
第40课:Jason on Sierra Club2009-05-03
Broehm: Well, here in the District were working on a number of main areas including trying to clean up the areas, the rivers, have better water quality. We want to have better air quality and better public transportation. And finally we would like to have a good system of parks where people can get out and enjoy the natural environment.
第39课:The Art and Science2009-05-03
Erica: I'm really an artist. The reason I'm doing web design is because it gives me an opportunity to do art all the time. Make pretty things and show them to people 'cause (because) I love an audience too.
第38课:Bee Keeper Other...2009-04-29
Mark: Mark Boudervaul and I'm from Beverly, West Virginia. Well I'm a beekeeper primarily but I also do a bluegrass radio show and play steel guitar and dobro.
第37课:Jeannie Part II...2009-04-29
J: Hello I'm Jody, welcome to American Cafe! On this edition of American Cafe we are going to talk to our friend Jeannie from West Virginia.
第36课:Jeanne, Spinning...2009-04-27
J: Exactly! In fact, Yang Chen, I recently went there on a visit. I went to an arts-and-crafts festival in a town called Rennick. And there, I met a woman named Jeannie.
第35课:Starting your own...2009-04-27
J: You know, sometimes things happen that you think at the time are...are bad. But actually in the end ... it turns out to be a good thing. Did that make sense to you?
第34课:Women Running...2009-04-26
Y: 各位听众好,欢迎到美语咖啡屋。我是杨晨。
J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe. Hey Yang Chen, you seem pretty deep in thought today. Y: 我这几天一直琢磨,政治对我们每个人的生活到底有什么重要
第33课:Sandy, Womens...2009-04-26
J: Hello everyone! Welcome to American Cafe! Today we are going to celebrate Women's Equality Day that is celebrated on August 26th.
第32课:Martys Favorite...2009-04-25
J: And here we are in the great outdoors for yet another episode of American Cafe. (Deep inhale) Ah! Just smell that fresh clean air! Isn't this great, Yang Chen!!
第31课:What is a Bonfire?2009-04-25
J: Aw come on, Yang Chen, this is going to be fun. Out in the woods enjoying a campfire. This is what I call living large! Living the good life! Don't ya (you) think?
第29课:Diana Crespi...2009-04-24
Diana: And it's important to the fabric of the United States It's important for all cultures to do that not just Italian-Americans.
第30课:James Millard...2009-04-24
J: Oh, well no wonder you are so happy! I know how much you love Hongloumeng.
第28课:Diane, An Italian...2009-04-23
J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to the American Cafe.
第27课:Mary Huff, Woman in...2009-04-23
J: And I'm Jody. Welcome to the American Cafe. Yang Chen, you mentioned that you bought a guitar. How's it going?