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BBC新闻[翻译]:危地马拉举行国丧 澳洲联邦银行涉嫌洗钱

BBC news with Elly Mecue. Guatemala has declared three days of national mourning after at least 25 people were killed in one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recent years. At least one village near Fuego Volcano has been buried in ash and lava. Emergency crews haven't been able to reach others. Local reports say up to 100 people may have been killed. Reports from North Korea say three of the most senior generals have been sacked in the past month. Some of the military leadership are said to have been concerned over the planned summit with President Trump and his demand that the country give up its nuclear weapons. Greece is easing some capital controls as it nears the end of its bailout program. The measures which include limits on cash withdraws were introduced three years ago when it was feared Greece might have to leave the Euro. One of Australia's largest banks has agreed to pay more than half a billion dollars to settle claims it broke laws, seconds money laundering and financing terrorism. Commonwealth Bank of Australia said the breaches were unintentional. They were linked to cash machines that allowed anonymous deposits and transfers. A new US ambassador to Germany says he will empower the conservatives across Europe, highlighting especially the Austrian coalition government that includes the far-right. The US senator says diplomats are meant to empower political groups overseas. Washington says China should openly say how many people were killed, arrested or went missing during the suppression of the democracy protest on Tian'anmen square. The statement came on the eve of the 29th anniversary of Beijing sending intense to stop the demonstrations. The last year's Nobel peace prize laureate, the anti-nuclear campaign group ICAN says it can pay the North Korean leader's hotel bill during the summit with President Trump. There have been reports that the country may not be able to afford the expense. BBC news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/18/08/BBC-NEWS-0805_2257902FFb.html