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BBC news with Cathy Clarkston. The Thai boys trapped in a cave complex for two weeks have written letters to their parents, reassuring them that they are all strong and telling them not to worry about them. The hand-written notes included requests for their favorite foods, grilled pork and vegetables, said one. The team coach also offered his apology to the parents in a separate letter. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was holding a second day of talks with North Korean officials at Pyongyang following President Trump’s summit last month with Kim Jong-un. A US spokeswoman said a working group had been set up to discuss details of a denuclearization plan for the North. The British Prime Minister Theresa May says she hopes plan agreed by her cabinet for post-Brexit links with the EU will be received positively in Brussels. Mrs. May said the blue print marked an important step in negotiations on Britain’s departure. The EU’s chief negotiator says he will consider whether the proposals are workable. Scientists say they have made progress in the search of a vaccine against HIV. They say an immune response was triggered and helped the adults during an international trial of a new drug. The researchers at Harvard Medical School desCRIbed the results as an important milestone. President Museveni of Uganda will host talks today on a possible power sharing deal between South Sudan’s government and rebels. They agreed on Friday to withdraw troops from urban areas. The efforts are intended to boost a permanent ceasefire reached last month after nearly 5 years of civil war. The last two places in the semi-finals of the football World Cup will be decided later. Sweden will play England and the hosts Russia face Croatia. The organizers of the tour de-France cycle race have appealed to fans not to verbally abuse the defending champion Chris Froome. The British cyclist was cleared earlier this week when an investigation into his use of an asthma drug was closed. BBC news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/18/08/BBC-NEWS-0804_1138298Bne.html