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LRC同步字幕 [by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]The Central African Republic, or C.A.R., is one of the world's most fragile countries. [00:05.55]In 2013, the Muslim Seleka alliance rebelled, [00:09.54]seized power and removed then-President François Bozizé from office. [00:15.35]But that was just the beginning of a bad situation, as the Seleka alliance went on a brutal rampage, [00:21.08]continuing a campaign of killing, raping and pillaging non-Muslim villages. [00:24.94]In response, the Anti-Balaka Christian militias formed, and began a similar campaign of terror against Muslim communities. [00:32.26]In an effort to protect the civilian population and stabilize the C.A.R., [00:37.51]the United Nations Security Council deployed to the country a United Nations peacekeeping operation, MINUSCA. [00:44.61]Zambia is a key partner in several UN peacekeeping efforts. [00:48.51]Currently over 1,000 Zambian troops and police are deployed to four different peacekeeping missions, including to MINUSCA. [00:55.63]Right now, another battalion of Zambian troops is preparing to deploy to the Central African Republic peace keeping mission. [01:02.63]As part of a larger, multi-year U.S. effort to build the capacity of these Zambian military personnel, [01:08.63]the United States partnered with India recently to provide Zambian troops with a two-week course of medical field training. [01:17.24]U.S. Army medics partnered with two physicians [01:19.57]from the Indian Army Medical Corps and worked with Zambian military [01:24.41]medical personnel to improve their ability to respond to a range of medical situations, [01:28.49]and to teach basic first responder skills to soldiers. [01:32.32]The two-week training course was funded by U.S. Department of State's Global Peace Operations Initiative, [01:38.52]or GPOI, and coordinated through U.S. Africa Command. [01:43.19]It was part of a long-term joint effort [01:45.82]between India and the United States to cooperate in peacekeeping capacity building with third-country partners. [01:52.37]Peacekeeping missions are a CRItical tool for promoting [01:55.93] reconciliation and post-conflict stabilization in some of the world's most troubled areas. [02:02.75]The United Nations currently deploys nearly 100,000 uniformed peacekeepers to promote peace and security, [02:07.76]while protecting civilians in conflict-affected countries. [02:11.39]The United States, through peacekeeping operations and capacity building, supports the purpose [02:17.57] and spirit of UN peacekeeping missions. [02:19.16]Training events like this are not only integral to improving the readiness of troops for deployment, [02:25.05]but also provide an opportunity for India and the United States [02:29.25]to share their training techniques and experience with the wider peacekeeping community. 更多英语听力资料,请访问www.tingvoa.com,手机站m.tingvoa.com。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/18/04/Strengthening-the-Capacity-of-Zambian-Peacekeepers.html