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BBC news with Jerry Smit. A day before the Catalan leader addresses the regional parliament, it remains unclear whether he will declare independence from Spain. A member of his party told BBC that Carles Puigdemont will make a symbolic statement acknowledging last week's referendum result but will stop short of announcing a split from Madrid. One of the most powerful man in Hollywood, the film producer Harvey Weinstein, has been sacked from the business he co-founded with his brother. Last week, it emerged that a number of women had made sexual harassment claims against him over a period of nearly three decades. The first of more than 1600 suspected Boko Haram militants are due to appear in trials in Nigeria scheduled to start today. Most of the defendants were arrested in the last few years as the Nigerian government stepped up its campaign against the Islamist group. At least 12 people have drowned after a boat packed with Rohingya Muslim capsized in a river near the coast of Bangladesh. It's thought up to 35 people fleeing violence from Myanmar were on board. 13 of them have been rescued. Britain and the European Union are due to begin their latest round of Brexit negotiations later. It's the fifth and final set of talks before a summit on which EU leaders will consider whether enough progresses have been made to begin discussion on a future trading relationship. South Africa has signed a deal to send 6 black rhinos to Chad, more than 40 years after the CRItically endangered animal were last seen there. The rhinos are expected to be flown to Chad in the first half of next year. The U.N. cultural organization, UNESCO, is beginning the process of choosing a new Director General. The agency, which is known for granting World Heritage status to internationally significant locations, has been accused of being badly managed and too political. BBC news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/17/10/BBC-NEWS-2017-10-10.html
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