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BBC news with Nick Kelly. The White House says Donald Trump’s embattled health secretary Tom Price has offered his resignation and the president has accepted it. Mr. Trump had said he was not happy with Mr. Price for using expensive private jets while traveling on government business. Cuba says Washington acted hastily by deciding to pull out most of its stuff from its embassy in Havana, following mystery sonic attacks on its diplomats. Havana strongly denies involvement in the incidents and Washington has indirectly accused it. Both countries are investigating. Syrian activists say that dozens of people including children have been killed in airstrikes on a town in the mainly rebel held northwestern province of Idlib. Reports and videos from the town of Amanaz appears to show the aftermath of heavy air rides by Syrian or Russian planes. International flights into Iraqi Kurdistan have been suspended after the central government in Bagdad imposed an air blockade in response to Kurdistan’s recent independence referendum. But the head of the airport in the regional capital Arbil says humanitarian and military flights will be exempt. Tens of thousands of people who would like to see Catalonia’s independence from Spain are rallying in Barcelona, ahead of a controversial referendum plan for Sunday. The regional authorities insist the vote will happen, but the central government has vowed to block it. The Indian authorities say they have given the Tata Motors company a contract to produce ten thousand electric cars for government use. It’s part of an effort to reduce severe pollution, although India doesn’t have many charging stations. And a Wales rugby player had to miss an international club match in South Africa after his hand was bitten by a lion. Scott Baldwin had been trying to pat the animal through the fence in the game park. The team manager for his Ospreys club said this forward had been pretty stupid. BBC news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/17/10/BBC-NEWS-2017-10-06.html
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