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BBC news with Stewart Macintosh. The people of Iraq's Kurdistan region have voted massively in favor of independence in a referendum.There was 92% yes vote. The regional powers, including Turkey and Iran as well as Iraq's central government opposed the poll. The government in Baghdad is moving to impose air blockade and the Iraq parliament had voted to allow the deployment of troops to the edge of the Kurdish territory. The Russian president Vladimer Putin says his country has destroyed all its chemical weapons. Global watchdog which aims to eliminate such arms, the OPCW said it had verified the destruction, desCRIbing it as a major milestone. The Irish Airline Ryanair says it will cancel a further 18,000 flights between November and March. The decision will affect about 400,000 passengers. That's more for who already have their travel plans disrupted by earlier cancellations. Uganda politicians have fought inside parliament for the second day running over plans to amend the constitution to allow the president Yoweri Museveni to stand in the next election. MPs wielded chairs and microphones stand during the long scuffle in the main parliamentary chamber. Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schauble known for his tough stance on solidarity in the Euro Zone is leaving his job. He has been nominated for the post of speaker in the new parliament after chancellor Angela Merkel completes her formation of a new government. The Columbia president Juan Manuel Santos has CRIticized the ENN rebel group for blowing up two oil pipe lines in the north of the country just days before a bilateral ceasefire is due to come into force. He said the attack has caused serious environmental damage. The Authority in the Mexico City neighborhood say they will take legal action against two construction companies for allegedly using some substandard materials in two buildings that collapsed during last week's earthquake. They will demand compensation. BBC news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/17/10/BBC-NEWS-2017-10-03.html