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BBC新闻附字幕[翻译]:德国卡车嫌犯被击毙 川普重申增强美国核力量

BBC news Jonathan Izard. Europe's most wanted terrorist suspect Anis Amri has been shot dead in Italy. The radical Islamist smashed through a Berlin christmas market in a hijacked lorry on Monday, killing 12 people. His life ended and shot out in Milan suburb when he stopped for a routine identity check. Police officers returned fire when he pulled a gun. Chancellor Merkel has asked for a detailed analysis of the case and has promised new security measures. The news just in. The United Nations security council has passed a resolution demanding a halt to Israeli settlement building on occupied Palestinian land. The vote passed after the United States abstained and it normally vetoes such resolutions. Earlier Israeli ambassador to the UN said it was a shameful move and it urged US to stand by Israel and veto such a resolution. Ten men serving president Santos in Chile for human right abuses they commited during the rule of general Pinochette, have asked for forgiveness on the special Christmas mass held inside their jail. Relatives of the victims of the Pinochette era dismissed the move as a cynical empty gesture. Donald Trump has been talking about his controversial tweet on strengthening US nuclear forces. The president-elect told a US TV channel, let it be and arms rise. Mr. Trump's spokesman said it would not allow other countries to boost their nuclear capability without responding and kind. President Putin has told President Assad that following the fall of Aleppo, there should be a renewed focus on getting an agreement to resolve the Syrian CRIsis. But there has been little letup in the fighting. The hijacking of a Libya plane to Malta has ended peacefully. The two man who seized control of the aircraft freed those on board and surrendered the authorities. The court of arbitration for sport has imposed the tenure ban on Russian athletic coach who used to train Yuliya Stepanova, the middle distance runner who exposed Russian's state-sponsored doping scandal. The court in Zurich said Vladimir Mokhnev had violated the sports rules on possessing banned substances. BBC news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/16/12/BBC-NEWS-2016-12-25.html
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